Turkish Black Tea: A Deep Dive into a National Beverage

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One of the defining characteristics of any culture is its unique traditions around food and beverages. For Turkey, tea is prominent in daily life and social interaction, mainly Turkish black tea. Known as ‘çay’ (pronounced ‘chai’), this beverage is more than a refreshment; it’s an emblem of Turkish hospitality and a significant element of their identity.

Turkish Black Tea: A Deep Dive into a National Beverage
Black tea- so typically Turkish!

But what exactly is Turkish black tea, and what makes it so special?

The Roots of Turkish Black Tea

While tea drinking in Turkey dates back several centuries, the cultivation of tea plants didn’t begin until the 20th century. Turkish tea cultivation is centred in the northeastern region of Rize, which provides the ideal climate and soil conditions for tea plants. The tea grown in this region, known as Rize tea, is a black tea variety used to brew Turkish black tea.

Characteristics of Turkish Black Tea

Much like its international counterparts, Turkish black tea is oxidized fully, contributing to its dark colour and robust flavour profile. The Rize tea used for making çay is characteristically bold, full-bodied, and richly flavoured with a slightly sweet and fragrant undertone.

Turkish black tea has less bitterness than other black tea varieties. This is due to the brewing method we’ll explore in the next section. The tea leaves, harvested from the steep hillsides of Rize, also have unique qualities influenced by the region’s climate and soil.

Brewing Turkish Black Tea: A Unique Methodology

The brewing method is an essential factor that sets Turkish black tea apart from other black teas. Turks use a special double teapot system known as a “çaydanlık.” The larger, lower pot is filled with water and brought to a boil, while the smaller, upper pot contains the tea leaves. Boiling water from the lower pot is used to steep the tea leaves in the upper pot, resulting in a concentrated tea.

When serving, this concentrated tea is diluted with hot water to the drinker’s preference. This method allows each person to adjust the strength of their tea, a factor contributing to the less bitter taste profile of Turkish black tea.

Turkish Black Tea: A Staple in Daily Life

Turkish black tea isn’t reserved for specific times or occasions; it’s a constant presence throughout the day. From breakfast until bedtime, you’ll find Turks sipping on their tea, usually served in small, tulip-shaped glasses that showcase the tea’s deep reddish-brown colour.

Tea is also a symbol of Turkish hospitality. Visitors, even in shops and businesses, will often be offered a complimentary glass of tea as a warm welcome. It’s the centrepiece of social gatherings and an indispensable part of daily breaks.

Health Benefits of Turkish Black Tea

Turkish black tea is packed with beneficial compounds like other types of black tea. Rich in antioxidants, it aids in reducing inflammation and fighting against free radicals. It has been linked with improved heart health, lower cholesterol levels, and even better gut health. Furthermore, the presence of caffeine makes it a popular choice for those needing a gentle stimulant.

Turkish Tea Culture: More Than Just a Beverage

Beyond its delightful flavour and health benefits, Turkish black tea is pivotal in Turkey’s cultural and social life. Tea gardens or ‘çay bahçesi’ are popular gathering places, and brewing, serving, and savouring tea is intertwined with friendship, relaxation, and hospitality rituals.

In a sense, to understand the essence of Turkish black tea is to glimpse the soul of Turkey – warm, hospitable, and steeped in a history as rich as the tea itself.


With its distinctive taste and brewing style, Turkish black tea is an intriguing dive into the world of tea. It serves as a delightful introduction to Turkish culture and a testament to the country’s long-standing love affair with this humble beverage. Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or a curious novice, exploring Turkish black tea opens up a new perspective, revealing how a simple drink can encapsulate a nation’s spirit.

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