Best Cream Tea in Cornwall (10 Types)

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There is nothing quite like enjoying a classic cream tea in the breathtaking county of Cornwall. Nestled in the heart of England, Cornwall is renowned for its world-class cream teas that uphold a timeless tradition. This article guides you to the finest establishments where you can indulge in the best cream tea in Cornwall.

Cornwall - Cream Tea
Cornwall – Cream Tea

1. Miss Molly’s Tea Room

Savouring the Classics in a Quaint Setting

tea and dessert at miss molly's
tea and dessert at miss molly’s

Miss Molly’s Tea Room serves one of the finest cream teas in Cornwall. Located in the heart of Mevagissey, their cream tea includes freshly baked scones, generous Cornish clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam. It’s an unmissable culinary treat for any visitor.

2. The Mad Hatter Tea Room

A Unique Cream Tea Experience

Mad Hatter Tea Cups
Mad Hatter Tea Cups

Step into a world of whimsy at The Mad Hatter Tea Room, known for its delightfully eccentric atmosphere. Their cream tea is a feast for the eyes and the palate, with fluffy scones, locally-sourced clotted cream and house-made jams.

3. Dolly’s Tea Room

Indulging in Elegance

Dolly's Tea Cup
Dolly’s Tea Cup

Dolly’s Tea Room in Falmouth is renowned for its sophisticated ambience and exquisite cream tea. Enjoy a pot of your preferred tea alongside light. Crumbly scones served with a generous helping of Cornish buttercream and sweet, tangy jam.

4. The Searoom

Cream Tea with a Sea View

Located in the picturesque St. Ives, The Searoom offers cream tea with an impressive sea view. Their delectable scones, served with rich clotted cream and vibrant strawberry jam, accompanied by your choice of tea, create a creamy tea experience like no other.

5. The Old Forge Café & Restaurant

Taste of Tradition

The Old Forge Café & Restaurant in Looe offers a cream tea that embodies the essence of Cornish culinary tradition. Freshly baked scones, Cornish butter cream, and a selection of homemade jams highlight their creamy tea menu.

6. Trelissick Garden Café

Cream Tea Amidst Nature

Situated within the beautiful Trelissick Gardens, this café offers a cream tea experience that complements the natural beauty of its surroundings. Their cream tea features freshly baked scones served with Cornish clotted creamy and homemade jam, enjoyed best with a cup of hot tea.

7. Charlotte’s Tea House

A Nostalgic Cream Tea Journey

Charlotte’s Tea House in Truro takes you on a nostalgic journey with its vintage-inspired décor and traditional cream tea. Their scones, freshly baked and served warm with Cornish clotted cream and strawberry jam, are the stuff of local legend.

8. The Duchy of Cornwall Nursery Café

A Cream Tea Delight in the Garden

Located in Lostwithiel, this café offers cream tea in a serene garden. Their delectable scones, clotted cream, jam, and a well-brewed tea pot make for a delightful creamy tea experience.

9. The Cornish Vegan

An Ethical Twist on the Traditional Cream Tea

For those seeking a vegan alternative, The Cornish Vegan in Truro offers an excellent cream tea that doesn’t compromise on taste. Their vegan scones, dairy-free cream, and organic jam prove that tradition can be tastefully adapted to modern dietary requirements.

10. Trevallick’s Farm Shop and Tea Room

Cream Tea with a Farm Fresh Twist

Situated near Pensilva, Trevallick’s serves up a cream tea experience that’s as fresh as it gets. Their locally sourced ingredients, including homemade scones, Cornish clotted creamy, and jam, make their cream tea a standout choice.

Conclusion: Cornwall’s Cream Tea Extravaganza

Cornwall is a treasure trove of establishments offering delightful cream tea experiences. Whether you seek a traditional cream tea in a charming teahouse, a vegan alternative, or a cream tea with a view, Cornwall has something for every taste. So, prepare yourself for a gastronomic journey that is as indulgent as it is diverse, and get ready to enjoy the best cream tea in Cornwall.

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