Weed Brownies Recipe Make At Home 2024

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on crafting delectable fudgy cannabis brownies that blend rich chocolate flavor with the unique infusion of cannabis. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or exploring the world of homemade edibles, mastering this recipe involves understanding precise techniques and quality ingredients. Creating these brownies starts with the perfect balance of Dutch-process cocoa powder, nuts for texture, and of course, canna butter infused with cannabis. This blog explores two distinct methods to infuse butter—one emphasizing precise temperature control to retain THC potency, while the other opts for a quicker infusion without compromising flavor. Understanding how to calculate THC levels is crucial for achieving the desired potency per serving. We’ll walk you through the formulas and guidelines to ensure your brownies deliver a consistent and enjoyable experience every time.


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Infusing Cannabutter

Infusing cannabutter is a critical step in preparing cannabis brownies, influencing both their flavor and potency. Temperature control plays a pivotal role, as highlighted in Article 1, emphasizing the need to maintain temperatures between 75-80°C (167-176°F) to prevent THC degradation while extracting cannabinoids effectively. This method requires careful monitoring to avoid overheating, ensuring the butter retains its potency. Conversely, Article 2 proposes a quicker infusion method, taking approximately one hour, which involves gently heating cannabis with butter over medium heat. This approach aims to maintain a balanced flavor profile while efficiently infusing cannabinoids into the butter. Both articles recommend filtering the infused butter through a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth to remove plant particles, enhancing the butter’s smoothness and ensuring a consistent texture in the brownies. By mastering these infusion techniques, you can create cannabutter that enhances the flavor and potency of your brownies, setting the stage for a successful cannabis-infused baking experience.

Calculating THC Levels

Understanding and calculating THC levels is crucial when preparing cannabis brownies to ensure consistency and manage potency per serving. Both articles provide valuable insights into this aspect of cannabis-infused baking.

Using Cannabis Potency

Article 1 outlines a formulaic approach to calculating THC content based on the potency of the cannabis used and the portion size of the brownies. For instance, if using 1 gram of cannabis with 20% THC, the calculation yields approximately 200 mg of THC for the entire batch. Dividing this by the number of brownie servings provides a per-serving THC content, enabling you to adjust dosages accordingly.

Guidelines Based on THC Percentage

Article 2 offers guidelines for calculating THC levels based directly on the percentage of THC in the cannabis strain used. For example, starting with 500 mg of cannabis at 20% THC provides a total of 100 mg THC per batch. This method ensures accurate dosing by tailoring the potency of each brownie to personal preference or tolerance levels.

Importance of Precise Measurement

Both articles stress the importance of using a precise kitchen scale to measure cannabis accurately. This ensures consistency in THC levels across batches, helping you achieve desired effects without under- or overdosing. By following these guidelines and utilizing accurate measurement tools, you can confidently prepare cannabis brownies that meet both taste and potency expectations.

Baking Techniques

Achieving the perfect texture and flavor in cannabis brownies requires employing specific baking techniques. Both articles provide valuable tips and methods to ensure your brownies turn out fudgy, flavorful, and infused with cannabis goodness.

Temperature And Timing

Article 1 advises baking cannabis brownies at a slightly lower temperature than usual to maintain a fudgy texture without overbaking. This approach helps preserve the integrity of the cannabis-infused butter and ensures the brownies remain moist and chewy. It highlights the importance of monitoring oven temperatures closely to avoid under- or overcooking, which can impact the final texture and potency of the brownies.

Use Of Thermometers

Article 2 emphasizes the use of kitchen thermometers throughout the baking process. An oven thermometer ensures accurate temperature settings, crucial during decarboxylation of cannabis and baking the brownies. This step guarantees that the cannabis is activated (decarboxylated) optimally before infusing into butter. Additionally, an instant-read thermometer aids in monitoring the temperature of the cannabutter during infusion, preventing overheating and THC degradation.

Techniques For Texture

Both articles recommend specific techniques for achieving the desired texture in cannabis brownies. This includes tapping the pan after baking to deflate the brownies slightly, promoting a chewy and fudgy consistency. These small details contribute significantly to the overall mouthfeel and enjoyment of the brownies.


In mastering the art of cannabis brownies, thorough preparation, precise infusion techniques, accurate THC calculation, and adept baking methods are key. Start by sourcing quality ingredients and follow the recommended methods for infusing butter with cannabis, whether through controlled temperature infusion or a quicker process. Understanding how to calculate THC levels allows for personalized potency, whether using a formulaic approach or percentage-based guidelines with a precise kitchen scale. Employ specific baking techniques to achieve the desired brownie texture, adjusting oven temperatures, using thermometers, and employing deflation techniques to ensure moist, chewy brownies that enhance the cannabis infusion. Finally, consider legal regulations and labeling requirements, ensuring compliance with local laws when preparing and distributing cannabis-infused edibles. By integrating these insights into your baking routine, you can confidently create cannabis brownies that are both potent and delicious, each batch a unique culinary experience tailored to your preferences.

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