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Try taco bowls! Taco bowls are a fun, versatile, and tasty way to enjoy all the flavours of your delicious tacos in a convenient bowl. Perfect for busy weeknight dinners, taco bowls are very easy to make and can be customized to fit your tastes and dietary needs. Whether you like traditional ground beef, lean ground Türkiye, or vegetarian options, there’s a taco bowl for everyone. Plus, taco bowls are great for meal prepping, making them a top choice for those who want to simplify their weeknight meals. Check out this complete taco bowl recipe guide to learn how to make your tacos even better with this simple and satisfying dish.


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You’ll Love Taco Bowls

Fun: Taco bowls are a playful twist on traditional tacos. Instead of using taco shells, you get to enjoy all your favourite ingredients in a single bowl. This unique way of serving tacos makes them more fun to eat and allows for a creative cooking experience. Growing up, tacos were a staple in my home, and now taco bowls are a new Delicious because they are a fun and modern take on a classic dish.

Delicious: One of the best things about taco bowls is the mix of flavours and textures. From the seasoned meat to the fresh toppings, every bite is a delightful blend of savoury, crunchy, and creamy elements. You can use a variety of ingredients to make each bowl tasty, ensuring a delicious meal every time.

Easy: Taco bowls are very simple to make, making them perfect for quick dinners. They are especially handy when you have leftover meat. Just reheat the meat, prepare your taste toppings, and you’re ready to go. This ease of preparation makes taco bowls a great choice for busy weeknights.

Customizable: One of the biggest attractions of taco bowls is their customizability. Whether you like ground beef, Türkiye, chicken, or a vegetarian option, you can make a taco bowl that suits your taste. With a variety of toppings, everyone at the table can build their own perfect bowl, making it a hit with picky eaters and food lovers alike.

Meal Prepping: Taco bowls are excellent for meal prepping. You can cook the meat, rice, and other components ahead of time and store them in the fridge. When it’s time to eat, just reheat and assemble. This convenience makes taco bowls perfect for those who want to plan their meals ahead and save time during the week. Prepping everything in advance also ensures that you have a healthy, homemade meal ready to go, even on the busiest days.


  • Meat: Choose from ground beef, Türkiye, chicken, or even a vegetarian option for your taco bowls. Cook the meat with taco seasoning to add that classic Mexican flavor profile.
  • Taco Seasoning: Enhance the flavor of your taco bowls with homemade taco seasoning. Use a blend of chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, and paprika. Adjust the seasonings to your preference for a perfect taco bowl every time.
  • Rice: Create a base for your taco bowl with rice. Choose from brown rice, white rice, quinoa, or even cauliflower rice for a low-carb alternative. Success® Rice offers a quick-cook option that’s perfect for busy weeknights.
  • Beans: Add protein and fiber to your taco bowls with beans. Black beans, pinto beans, or refried beans are popular choices. Rinse canned beans before adding them to your bowl for a cleaner flavor.
  • Corn: Corn adds sweetness and crunch to taco bowls. Use canned corn or fresh corn, charred for extra flavor. It’s a versatile ingredient that complements the savory components of your bowl.

Tips For Making the Perfect Taco Bowl

Prep Ahead: To make dinner easier, prepare parts of your taco bowls in advance. Cook the meat, rice, and chop the toppings ahead of time. Store them separately in airtight containers in the fridge. This way, putting together a taco bowl is quick and easy, perfect for busy weeknights.

Convenience with Store-Bought Ingredients: Use store-bought ingredients like pre-made guacamole, salsa, grated cheese, and chopped lettuce to save time. These ready-to-use items can make your prep faster while still adding delicious flavour’s and textures to your taco bowl.

Enhance Flavor with Charred Corn: For extra flavor, try charring fresh corn kernels in a hot cast-iron pan before adding them to your taco bowl. This simple step caramelizes the sugars in the corn, making it sweeter and adding a smoky taste that goes well with the other ingredients.

Customize with Additional Toppings: While traditional toppings like cheese, lettuce, and salsa are great, don’t be afraid to add extra toppings. Fresh avocado slices, crunchy tortilla chips, diced red onion, or a dollop of sour cream can make your taco bowl even more delicious with new flavour’s and textures.

Storage Tips: Store leftover taco bowl ingredients separately in airtight containers in the fridge. This keeps them fresh and makes meal planning easier for the week. Reheat the parts as needed and make fresh taco bowls whenever you’re hungry.

Health Benefits of Taco Bowls


Both versions of taco bowls are protein-rich, making them satisfying and beneficial for muscle repair and growth. Protein also helps in maintaining a feeling of fullness, which can aid in weight management.

Balanced Macronutrients

Taco bowls typically contain a balance of carbohydrates from rice and beans, proteins from meat or beans, and healthy fats from toppings like avocado or cheese. This balanced macronutrient profile supports sustained energy levels and overall nutrition.

High Fiber Content

The inclusion of beans and vegetables in taco bowls contributes to their high fiber content. Fiber is essential for digestive health, promoting regular bowel movements and supporting a healthy gut microbiome.

Vitamins and Minerals

Taco bowls are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, depending on the ingredients used. For instance, they can provide vitamin A from tomatoes, vitamin C from peppers, and potassium from beans and avocados. These nutrients play crucial roles in immune function, vision health, and electrolyte balance.

Customizable to Dietary Preferences

Taco bowls can be easily adapted to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free. By choosing ingredients mindfully and adjusting toppings, individuals can tailor taco bowls to meet their specific nutritional needs.


In summary, taco bowls are not just a tasty twist on traditional tacos but also a versatile and convenient meal choice for any occasion. With their fun and customizable nature, easy preparation, and health benefits, taco bowls appeal to everyone. You can try different meats like ground beef, turkey, or vegetarian options to suit your tastes and dietary needs. Making taco bowls is simple, making them perfect for busy nights or planning meals in advance. Add taco bowls to your meal plan for a delicious, customizable, and nutritious dish that brings the flavors of tacos into a handy bowl. Whether you enjoy them alone or with loved ones, taco bowls are sure to become a favourite in your cooking routine.

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