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Thanks to canned lychees, you can enjoy this refreshing drink year-round! Whether you’re hosting a summer gathering or looking for a unique cocktail to impress your guests, the lychee martini is a must-try. Its sweet and juicy flavour, combined with the right spirits, creates a delightful drink that goes down way too easily. In this guide, Lets show you how to make a classic lychee martini and a simpler version with just a few ingredients. Plus, I’ll share some variations, garnishing tips, and personal insights to help you craft the perfect lychee martini every time. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can bring a taste of the tropics to your next cocktail party!


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Ingredients Of Lychee Martini Recipe

Main Ingredients

Creating a lychee martini requires a few key ingredients that balance the sweet and floral notes of the lychee with the crispness of the alcohol.

Vodka: The primary spirit for a lychee martini. Vodka’s neutral flavor allows the lychee’s unique taste to shine. I recommend using a high-quality brand like Kettle One.

Dry Vermouth: Optional for a classic lychee martini. It adds a slightly herbal note, complementing the sweetness of the lychee juice.

St. Germain: For a simpler, sweeter version of the lychee martini. This elderflower liqueur enhances the floral notes and provides a smooth sweetness.

Lychee Juice: Essential for adding the signature lychee flavour. You can find lychee juice at most grocery stores, including Publix, Whole Foods, and The Fresh Market.

Lime Juice: Optional but recommended for adding a touch of acidity, which balances the sweetness and enhances the overall flavor profile.


The garnish not only adds visual appeal but also infuses the drink with additional flavor.

Fresh Lychee Fruit: Preferred for its natural sweetness and juicy texture. Fresh lychees can be hard to find, but they are worth the effort. If fresh lychees are out of season or unavailable, canned lychees are an excellent alternative.

Lime Twist: Optional but recommended for adding a pop of colour and a hint of citrus aroma. The lime twist complements the lychee and enhances the drink’s presentation.


Classic Lychee Martini

For those who prefer a timeless approach to their cocktails, the classic lychee martini offers a crisp, subtly sweet flavor that is both refreshing and sophisticated.

Mixing the Ingredients: In a mixing glass, combine 2.5 ounces of vodka, 0.5 ounce of dry vermouth, 0.5 ounce of lychee juice, and 0.25 ounce of lime juice.

Chilling the Drink: Fill the mixing glass with ice and stir gently. The key is to chill the drink while maintaining its clarity and viscosity by not overly diluting it.

Serving: Strain the mixture into a chilled martini glass to preserve the smooth texture and cold temperature.

Simple Lychee Martini

For those who enjoy a sweeter, more floral cocktail, the simple lychee martini is an excellent choice. This version is straightforward and highlights the lychee’s natural flavors beautifully.

Combining the Ingredients: In a cocktail shaker, add 1.5 ounces of vodka, 1.5 ounces of St. Germain, and 1 ounce of lychee juice.

Shaking: Fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Shaking not only chills the drink but also integrates the St. Germain with the lychee juice, enhancing the overall flavor profile.

Pouring: Strain the shaken mixture into a martini glass. The vigorous shaking creates a slightly frothy top, adding to the drink’s appeal.

Other Fruity Martini Recipes

If you’re a fan of fruit-forward cocktails, here are some other fruity martini recipes that you might find refreshing:

Lemon Drop Martini

A classic favorite, the Lemon Drop combines vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, and a splash of Cointreau. It’s served in a sugar-rimmed glass for an extra sweet touch.

French Martini

This smooth cocktail blends vodka with pineapple juice and a hint of Chambord, creating a delightful mix of sweet and tart flavors.

Elderflower Pear Martini

For something a bit more floral, the Elderflower Pear Martini mixes pear vodka, elderflower liqueur, pear juice, and a dash of lemon juice, offering a sophisticated flavor profile.

Pornstar Martini

This vibrant and slightly exotic cocktail includes passion fruit pulp, passion fruit liqueur, vanilla vodka, and lime juice, accompanied by a shooter of prosecco to cleanse the palate.

Key Lime Pie Martini

Perfect for dessert lovers, this martini features vanilla vodka, coconut rum, key lime juice, cream of coconut, and simple syrup, all served in a glass rimmed with crushed graham crackers for an authentic pie taste.


Lychee martinis offer a perfect blend of exotic flavor and refreshing zest, making them a superb choice for any cocktail enthusiast looking to add a tropical twist to their repertoire. Whether you opt for the classic or simple version, or explore other fruity martini recipes, the key to a great experience is in the quality of ingredients and mindful consumption. So next time you’re looking for a summer cocktail or just a delightful sip to brighten your day, consider the lychee martini. Just remember to sip smartly and savor each delicious drop.

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