10 Best Frozen Chips for Air Fryer in the UK

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The quest for the perfect air-fried chip in the UK concludes with a critical decision: choosing the ideal frozen chip. While many brands clamour for attention, a select few, including Brand A, Brand B, and Brand C, consistently deliver impeccable results in air fryers. This guide unveils the nuances that make these brands stand out and ensures every British household can relish the unbeatable combination of crispy exteriors and melt-in-the-mouth interiors.

Best Frozen Chips for Air Fryer in the UK

Factors to Consider When Selecting Frozen Chips for Air Fryer

Not all frozen chips are created equal. Size and Cut play a pivotal role. Chips with uniform thickness ensure that each piece cooks at the same rate, avoiding the disappointment of some undercooked or overcooked outliers. The Coating can make or break the final flavour.

Pre-seasoned chips or those with a special coating might offer a richer taste, but they can also influence how crisply they fry. Ingredients should always be scrutinised. A simple ingredient list, free from a barrage of additives, often hints at a more authentic potato experience.

Never underestimate the power of brand reputation. Established Brands typically have quality checks that guarantee a consistent fry.

Advantages of Using an Air Fryer for Frozen Chips

Air frying is not just a fad—it’s a revolution in healthy cooking. The Health benefits are undeniable. With substantially reduced oil usage, one can enjoy their favourite snack with fewer pangs of calorie-induced guilt.

In terms of Speed, air fryers are incredibly efficient, cutting down traditional cooking times and serving up a quick treat. Most importantly, the Taste and Texture achieved are impeccable.

The exterior is crispy, while the interior remains soft and fluffy—a chip lover’s dream.

Top Recommended Brands/Types of Frozen Chips for Air Fryer in the UK

The UK market is teeming with frozen chip options. Brand A stands out for its natural ingredients and the authentic British taste it delivers. Their chips have a consistent cut, making them a reliable choice for air frying. Brand B offers a delightful range of seasoned chips. From spicy to herby, there’s a flavour for every palate. They’ve mastered the art of the coating, ensuring a unique taste without compromising on crispiness. Brand C is the epitome of luxury in the frozen chip world. Though on the pricier side, their chips deliver a gourmet experience, elevating the humble chip to something truly special.

The UK market is replete with frozen chip options, each promising golden perfection. Here’s an exploration of some top contenders:

1. McCain’s Crispy French Fries

A household name, McCain’s thin fries are renowned for their delicate crispness. Ideal for those who cherish slender, golden strips that perfectly balance crunch with fluffiness.

2. Aunt Bessie’s Homestyle Chips

Recreating the comfort of traditional British chips, Aunt Bessie’s offers a rustic cut. They’re every bit as comforting as they sound, reminiscent of chips from a local chippy.

3. Iceland’s Luxury Chunky Chips

Iceland ensures luxury in every bite with these chunky delights. Robust in their cut, they hold a rich flavour, truly embodying the term “gourmet” in the world of frozen chips.

4. McCains’ Lightly Spiced Wedges

Add a little zest to your meal with these perfectly spiced wedges from McCain’s. Not only do they offer a delightful crunch, but a dash of spice that dances on the palate.

5. Birds Eye’s Crispy Straight Cut Chips

A brand synonymous with quality, Birds Eye delivers consistently. Their straight-cut chips provide reliability in every fry, ensuring a golden, crispy treat every time.

6. Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Maris Piper Chips

Exuding elegance, these chips made from the treasured Maris Piper potatoes offer a distinct, refined taste. A step above the usual, they resonate with a flavour that sets them apart.

7. Tesco’s Finest Chunky Oven Chips

Hailing from Tesco’s premium range, these chunky chips are nothing short of a gourmet experience. Their robust cut guarantees satisfaction in every bite.

8. Asda’s Extra Special Triple Cooked Chips

Asda raises the bar with their triple-cooked chips. This unique cooking process guarantees an outer crunch like no other, complemented by a perfectly fluffy interior.

9. Waitrose’s Chunky Oven Chips

A mark of quality from Waitrose, these chunky chips don’t just serve as a side dish but as a statement. They’re sure to elevate any meal they accompany.

10. Farmfoods’ Golden Oven Chips

For those watching their pennies without wanting to compromise on taste, Farmfoods delivers. Their golden oven chips are an affordable delight, promising a crispy result each time.

Tips for Frying Frozen Chips in an Air Fryer

Air frying might seem simple, but following some essential tips can drastically elevate the quality of your chips:

Pre-heat the Fryer: Just like ovens, air fryers benefit from a pre-heating session. It ensures consistent temperatures for an even fry.

Don’t Overcrowd:

  • Ensure chips are spread out in a single layer.
  • This prevents them from sticking together and allows for uniform cooking.

Regular Shaking:

  • Halfway through the cooking process, give the chips a good shake or use tongs to turn them.
  • This promotes even browning on all sides.

Monitor Cooking Times:

  • Not all frozen chips are the same; adjust cooking times based on the brand and thickness.
  • Always refer to the package’s guidelines but be prepared to adjust based on your air fryer’s specifics.

Adjust Temperature Settings:

  • Some chips fry better at slightly lower temperatures to prevent burning while ensuring the inside is fully cooked.
  • It might require some experimentation to find the sweet spot for each brand.

Season After Frying:

  • If you’re adding your seasonings, it’s best to do so after frying while the chips are still hot.
  • This helps the seasonings adhere better.

Remember, the key to perfect air-fried chips lies in experimentation. Familiarise yourself with your air fryer’s settings, and in no time, you’ll master the art of producing the crispiest, most delicious chips.

Additional Seasonings and Dips to Complement Your Air Fried Chips

While a good chip can stand alone, the right seasoning or dip can elevate it to gastronomic heights. For those keen on experimenting, rosemary garlic or spicy cajun seasonings can add an unexpected twist. As for Dips, the classics like tomato sauce and mayonnaise will always be there. But for the adventurous, unique dips like aioli or tzatziki can offer a refreshing contrast to the chip’s richness. Pairing chips with different dips can result in delightful combinations that keep every bite interesting.


The UK’s love affair with chips is age-old, but with the advent of air fryers, there’s a renewed passion for this classic snack. Choosing the right frozen chip is paramount to achieving that perfect fry. Armed with this guide, Brits can confidently navigate the frozen aisle, ensuring every chip that emerges from their air fryer is golden perfection.

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